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The Wooden Hollow layout is 19 holes and plays to a par of 59 with 17 par 3 holes and two par 4s. It is 6480 feet in length in the 2024 smart layout at UDisc (link opens in new tab or window). This online tour is of the 19-hole layout. A green/white hole basket graphic has been added to some of the course photos to show hole locations and lines of play.


Alternate “Black” layout: Course host and designer Jon Foley has added a more difficult “Black” layout with three additional par 4s. The Black is 18 holes, par 59 and 6177 feet with its hole #1 playing to the #2 basket of the regular layout, #10 to the regular #17 basket, and #17 plays to the #1 basket.

Hole 1

286 feet – Par 3

Like a good opening hole should, the Wooden Hollow’s No. 1 hints at the challenge the player will find, but in a gentle way that lets the game get under way. The tee shot is downhill with a ponderosa pine in the left center of the fairway and a ring of young pines around the green. Jon Foley the course founder and designer says: “I like playing something slow like a mid-range (disc). It’s a little guarded, but you make it down to the green and it’s fairly open.”

The hole basket area was once a sand putting green of a ball golf course built here in the 1940s.

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